Aum Wave Effect

Aum Wave Effect - Musick of Human Kind


We are aware




WE Are An Explosion

An Explosion of Life and Free Will

WE Dance…………………………..WE Play

WE Become…………………….WE Experience

WE Contemplate……………….And Figure Out

Then Act Upon………………Our Best Guess

Creation…it’s what we do…

The A.W.E. is an intonation, and being music, transcends the barriers of age, race, culture, and even species. The sound AUM, is the mantra, the basic sound of the world—and to contain all other sounds. The motion WAVE is the vehicle in which this spacial language is carried. And the EFFECT—is our journey into energy.


AUM Beat

edē — The Lion
Philosopher • Composer • Singer • Drums • Bass • Guitar • Keyboard • Other

I compose musick and play with sound because it is the essence of my seed.
To understand people, myself and others — how we share our world across space and through time. It’s a pretty fucked up shindig we’re in, so — LIVE IT!

Aum Wave Effect (The AWE) is a social brainchild birthed into existence to capture the shared thoughts, perceptions, and experiences of the—Homo Sapien—transformed into music. 

And like all metamorphoses, it is sometimes singular, and sometimes involves several entities in its capture and release. All-in-all, it is living as is, in the moment. Thus no attempt in “over production” is made. It is what it is. It is RAW like our human experience and messy like love.


Project: Aum Wave Effect (The AWE)
Collection: Aum Wave Effect (The AWE)
Album: Symbols

Aum Wave Effect

Project: Aum Wave Effect (The AWE)
Collection: {species} DROID™
Album: Tested On Children


Johnē England

Denver, CO
Featured on:
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Matt Kelly

Detroit, MI
Featured on:
The Ten Commandments
Killing the Children
Walk the Plank


James Palmore — Artist
Kalamazoo, MI
Featured on:
The Fences of Race – Speaker

Daisy Oregon

Daisy — The One, Artist 
Fellow Transient Nomad
Featured on:
All things intertwined and expanding

Well hello there my fine (perhaps once feathered) hairless apes (If you dig on the Darwin tip that is). You’ve made it all the way down here, welcome. Just starting to put up a website to share some of my musick with others. It’s been a long and worthwhile journey so far. If anyone has any questions, suggestions or feedback, or just want to say what up, it’s very welcome.  Enjoy my fellow musickal humans!

Reach out and touch me... be gentle

    Aum Wave Effect